December 1, 2013

Wrapping Paper Centers

You know those wrapping paper rolls that don't have the hard cores, just the brown paper?  Well, don't throw it out, Nike from Thrive has seven different uses for it!  You can wrap presents with it, use it to cover your craft space, or wrap shipping boxes in it.  Find the rest of the uses out at Thrive

November 29, 2013

Christmas Light Wreath

Got an old string of lights that don't work anymore?   Don't throw it out!  Turn it into a gorgeous Christmas wreath like this one from Sarah SaturDIY.  All you need is some glitter, glue and time.  And then proudly display!  Get the details from Sarah SaturDIY.  

February 14, 2013

Capri Sun IPod Pouch

Do your kids love Capri Sun?  Next time you go through a box, turn the pouches into IPod holders.  It's a simple and easy process, and what kid wouldn't love such an awesome case?  Get the details to make your own at Four Marrs and One Venus

February 13, 2013

Upcycled Bench

I love this project from Refresh, Restyle.  It is a whole tutorial on how to take an old end table and a head board and turn them into a bench.  And the end result is absolutely gorgeous.  Take a look and tell me that you don't need one in your house!  Get the details from Refresh, Restyle.  

February 12, 2013

Magazine File Boxes

If you're in need of a little extra storage, look no further than your cardboard box stash.  Desert Willow Lane took some Costco milk boxes and turned them into these denim covered magazine boxes.  This is a great, and much cheaper way, might I add to keep clutter under control.  Get the details from Desert Willow Lane.  


February 11, 2013

Mini Vases

I have learned to never throw away glass bottles of any shape or size.  There is always some way to use them!  PPPaintbrushes took some empty frappuccino bottles and wrapped them with a little burlap to create this cute little vase.  I love how versatile this is!  Get the details to make your own at PPPaintbrushes.  

Valentine Day Tins

Need a cute and easy Valentine's decoration?  Make these adorable threaded Valentine's Tins from NorthShore Days.  It's a simple process and the outcome is adorable!  You can make them for Valentine's day or change the pattern for any other holiday. Get the details from NorthShore Days.  

February 8, 2013

Valentine's Mailbox

Valentine's day is coming up quick!  Check out this fantastic idea for a homemade Valentine Mailbox from My Own Road.  She used a garbage bag box with the perfect opening to slide love notes through.  If you want to make this your project for the weekend, check out the details at My Own Road.