February 9, 2011

Welcome upcyclers!

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One afternoon while I was browsing through the bookmarks on my computer, I realized that more than half of them are upcycled projects.

Not familiar with the term "upcycle?"   Here you go:

upcycling - The repurposing of a material into a product of higher quality. An example would be a purse made out of woven candy wrappers.

While I haven't seen any amazing projects made out of woven candy wrappers, I have seen some pretty awesome things made out of paint chips, fabric scraps, toilet paper rolls, tin cans and lots of other random bits of everything.  And that is what this blog is all about.  A place to feature all of those amazing projects in one place!

1 upcyclers said:

Emmy said...

Oh I will be checking back regularly to see what you find :)