March 31, 2011

Guest Post: Magazine Gift Bags

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Today's guest post comes to us from Melony Bradley at Mel Designs.  Melony Bradley is a full-time freelance craft designer/professional. Melony is currently specializing in Readymade embellishment for Home Décor, Fashion and Gifts, Paper Crafts and Needle Arts. Currently designing for manufacturers and craft magazines, Melony has been selling finished crafts featuring her original designs for 10 years. She has been published in national craft consumer magazines and other media including Crafts n Things, CardMaker, Pack o Fun, Create and Decorate, HomeArts Magazine,, Christmas 365, Cloth Paper Scissors and Sommerset Publications. So we are extra excited for her to share this tutorial here!
 Maf page pouch 17
Happy Friday! You can make anything from virtually anything you can find around the house. I have one more idea to share with you, my blog friends.
These pouches were made with pretty recycled magazine pages.
Maf page pouch 1
These pages are from Better Homes and Gardens. I used this magazine because they are usually full of beautiful photographs.
Start by cutting the magazine page to a 7" square, using a paper trimmer. 7" was the largest complete sqaure I was able to get from these torn pages. If you are using a magazine that has a larger format, you can probably get an 8" or 9" sqaure which results in a larger bag.
Follow the step by steps as shown in the pictures below. If you need a more detailed description, it may help to refer to the earlier posts by clicking here.
Maf page pouch 2
Maf page pouch 3
Maf page pouch 4
Maf page pouch 5
Maf page pouch 6
Now, the fun part is here. I chose to line the top edge with black tissue paper. I cut it into a 1" x 5" strip and wrapped it around the top edge in the following manner...
Maf page pouch 8
Maf page pouch 9
Maf page pouch 10
I used scalloped edged scissors to cut off the top portion of the bag, making a scalloped edged top.
Maf page pouch 11
Finally, pretty german die cuts, tiny block letter stickers and stamped cardstock circles make this a quick, unique inexpensive favor for my bunco group, which is coming next week.
Maf page pouch 12
Maf page pouch 13
Maf page pouch 14
Maf page pouch 15
Maf page pouch 16
Maf page pouch 18
Live Life Creatively,


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