March 17, 2011

Guest Post: Teapot Lamp

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Are you all ready for this?  Our very first Guest Post Tutorial on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle.  A big WELCOME to Kitty!

 Hey Bloggers, Kitty here from A Law Student's
! Thanks to Rachel for letting me be a guest poster over here!

Anywho, a little bit about me! This year, I am battling it out, trying to get through my first year of law
school. You know what I've found? You just cant get through without a little fun on the side. That's right,
I'm a law school student/crafter!

I'd love to show you a little tutorial on how to make this awesome mismatched lamp! It is much easier
then it looks, so dont worry...anyone can do it!

I got this idea
here. And decide it was a must! I’m sure there are lots of ways to do this, but here was mine!

First-Grab mismatched, plates, bowls, teapots, teacups etc.I checked
out Salvation Army, Tj Max, Goodwill and all sorts of places! It took me a while to find the pieces I

If you are around an Ikea. Let me first say…I am way beyond
. But go get a little light socket fixture thing, and a metal piece for the lampshade. OR
Instead- I had a $3 lamp I used in my dorm room. I put the
lamp in a bag…and beat it with a sledge hammer. After I got the cord out, I was good to go!

On to the construction

I like having the bowl upside-down on the bottom.
It adds stability. I also have a plate on the bottom in the pictures, which I still havent decided if I
liked. I didn't glue that piece down, but if I had a plate I loved...I would certainly suggest putting it on a
plate. It gets heavy and you want to be able to move it well!

Then stack the up so it looks right and “fits” together. Now, you could drill a hole through each piece to string the
lamp cord. But I promised this would be easy! So I decided the cord would be okay to string down the
back. If you like to sew- make a cute cord cover for your lamp!

Also -The top piece will be hidden by the lamp shade. So if you love the look of it…don’t put it at the top. I
grabbed a teacup for the top. The site told me to use air dry clay…but I went to hobby lobby (without a
coupon) and it was $10! No way was I paying that.
So I went
with plan B. I love that my Hob Lob is next to Ace Hardware. So I looked at caulking. That’s right, I went
ahead and filled the cup with white caulk.

It kept the top piece in place. If you want a more study piece at
the top, I'd say go ahead and buy the clay. This worked, especially for my first time.
After that has set a day. Pick up some gel super glue at
the store. Super glue your pieces together.

Note- plates help with the stability. If it is a little
questionable in one spot, add a small saucer.  

Simply tuck the cord away.

And you have yourself a great looking lamp!

Thanks again for letting me post a short tutorial! Feel free to check out my blog A Law Student's Journey for more upcycled crafts! Like these!


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Kitty said...

Thanks for letting me be a guest blogger!!! I hope all your readers enjoy it!