May 2, 2011

Call for Projects!

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Hey, all you crafty ladies out there!  
(And gentlemen, if there happen to be any. . .)

I have had baby showers on the brain as of late. I have two good friends who are expecting--one of whom is expecting twins!  And I was hoping to throw a couple of showers this summer. 

And since we are moving into the baby shower/wedding shower season, I thought it would be fun to throw some upcycle ideas out there, for those throwing showers, like me!

So, if you have any great ideas for baby gifts, shower decorations, wedding gifts, etc.  please email me at reuseandupcycle at gmail dot com.  Feel free to dredge your archives or create new projects.    I would love to feature them AND I would love it even more if you were interested in guest posting with a tutorial!  

Once I gather enough ideas, we will have a Shower Week here on Reduce, Reuse, UPcycle.  

So get crafting! 

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