June 23, 2011

Way to go Green!

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This post brought to you by Sauer Energy. All opinions are 100% mine.

The weather over the past few weeks has been gorgeous. Open window weather, which I love for two reasons: 

1. There is nothing like a fresh breeze on my face while I'm cooking dinner.

2. I don't have to turn on the AC or the heater.  Which means money saved. 

I hate how much things like that cost.  I have read about green houses, not the ones that plants grow in, the ones that use solar and wind power rather than gas and electric.  That is one of the things that I would love to do, the problem being that I know next to nothing except that it's really expensive to get started, but saves you money in the long run. 

But recently I have discovered Sauer Energy.  They have recently created a residential wind charger that makes it easier for everyone to get in on the benefits of wind power.  This is a little different from the traditonal looking wind turbines that everyone is so used to seeing.  This one follows a new mode--a vertical axis wind turbine.  This new type will cut down on noise pollution as well as danger to birds.  If you want to get a better idea of how it all works, check out the video.  

Meet Joe... from Dieter Sauer on Vimeo.


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