August 1, 2011

Guest Post:

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A big welcome to Laura from I'm Not a Trophy Wife, who is guest posting today on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle.  Take it away, Laura!

When I found Rachel’s blog I immediately emailed her asking if I could do a guest post!  I loved her blog devoted to reuse and upcycling projects and ideas! 
My blog title “I’m Not a Trophy Wife” gets a lot of comments! It came out of a line I started using when talking to my husband, friends and my sister! I would always add the comment, “I’m not a trophy wife” whenever I was complaining about yard work, never ending projects or trying to pinch quarters.  I have three children and my youngest has mild dyslexia.  I love to blog about how dyslexia is anything, but a disability!  We round out our family with an Australian Shepherd and Bernese Mountain Dog.

I’m Not a Trophy Wife, but I am just about everything else.  My husband and I own a small medical device and manufacturing company.  We also have a medical nutritional company for dialysis, bariatric and oncology patients (  We work almost exclusively with clinic and hospital based dietitians to assist with patients’ restrictive and highly specialized diets (patients dealing with end stage renal disease, chemotherapy and bariatric surgery).   I  am very passionate about the impact decisions in Washington have on small business owners! 

My blog, I'm Not a Trophy Wife has evolved into a creative outlet for me to challenge myself to think outside the box for all things home and family!  I told my husband blogging reminds me of when I was in yearbook  in high school and the  weekly demands of creating new pages with great photos and captions! Thank you, Rachel for the opportunity to share one of my favorite projects made from realtor signs (did I mention I am also a licensed real estate agent?).  And, remember I juggle a lot of titles, but I’m Not a Trophy Wife
xo Laura

 I am a licensed real estate agent which means I have a little more "free time" these days. I also have countless real estate signs in my garage. And, in addition to my "for sale" signs I sponsor an annual garage sale in my community and subsequently have many "garage sale" signs.  The garage sale signs were looking very tired, but I hated the idea of them ended up in a land fill. 
And, then it occurred to me that the signs are a metal, shiny surface (perfect for vinyl projects).  And, I was looking for something for my boys' bathroom after I saw a very cute sign at Lolly Jane Boutique Hmm...


So, I created some bathroom related vinyl using my Silhouette.  This was my first project with the vinyl so excuse the "not so perfect" lines. After seeing the photos I couldn't help but "tweak" some of the letters.  I'm Not a Trophy Wife, but I am a little OCD.

And, the sign looks great with the vinyl above the door frame. 

Love it, Laura!  Thanks so much for sharing! 

If you have a project you would like to share on Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle please let me know. I would love to have you! 

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