October 3, 2011

GIveaway: Let's Choose

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I don't talk a lot about my family on this blog.  But I'm going to today.  I have four children.  Two girls and two boys. The girls are 7 and 8 and the boys are (almost)3 and 4.  They are all healthy, happy, children.  Perfectly normal children.  And by perfectly normal, I mean loud, silly, obnoxious, blunt and occasionally awkward.  But they are kids and they are still learning.   We have really been working on the whole choice and consequences thing.  Like, if you do your chores, your mom won't yell at you.  Over and over again.

About a month ago, I got something in the mail that reinforces the work that I am trying to do.  Let's Choose is a no lose kind of educational game that helps children recognize that good choices have good consequences and bad choices make bad consequences.  In a way that is so obvious that life sometimes isn't.

The game was created by Lisa Maylee and Stacy Buck in 2002 after realizing that over 3 million children between the ages of 6 and 21 have a learning disability. They developed their game to help develop social skills and behavioral management.  The amazing thing about it, is that even though it was created with learning disablities and special needs in mind, it turns out that it teaches skills that all kids need.  It helps build vocabulary and social skills. Something that your average kid needs every day.

It's a fun way to learn those lessons. My kids liked it so much better than being yelled at, lectured, or rebuked.  It was kind of hard for them to find matches when we played memory style, but much more fun game show style.

Let's Choose has generously offered to give one of my readers a game to try out with their own family.

To enter, simply leave a comment with your email address.
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Please leave a comment for each entry.  Giveaway will close October 12.

*Let's Chose provided me with a copy of the game to review.

5 upcyclers said:

Bonnie said...

interesting. I'd love to try this out.

Kelly said...

sounds interesting! krussell824@gmailcom

Kelly said...

I follow too! krussell824@gmail.com

The Woolley's said...

This could be good for my sister...and me! peach6b@hotmail.com. I also 'like' both sites on Facebook and I follow you already :)

Michele Pacey said...

Actually this might help our whole family. It sounds intriguing! Count me in!