October 21, 2011

Weight Gain. . .

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Posted by Von Battle
I was feeling really down about all the weight I’ve put on since the wedding and was eating a bag of Cheetos going through the directtv channel lineupthe other day when I noticed a healthy cooking show. I was kind of bored at first because everything seemed so bland but then she cooked a lightened up lasagna I just had to try. I actually went out to the store right then and bought the ingredients and my husband couldn’t even tell the difference! I don’t know what it was about that meal but it really shocked me back to life and now I’m working outthree days a week and cooking healthy for myself and my husband. It’s better for both of us and I’ve already lost about 5 pounds which just makes me feel worlds better about my body. I haven’t told my husband yet and am waiting for him to notice! I know that’s about as likely as him seeing my new haircut but you know what? When he does I’m going to be over the moon!

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