October 18, 2011

What about Fall cleaning?

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So, here's the thing. I totally get spring cleaning. You've been stuck inside all winter long, tramping in snowy boots and not able to crack a window for months.  What I don't understand is the lack of Fall cleaning!  All summer long my kids are in and out of the house, dripping wet in swimsuits (and in clothes), tracking in sand from the sandbox, freshly mown grass and on a bad day, doggie poop.  (Blech.)

Which naturally leads me to Fall Cleaning.  Especially if you have carpet in your entryways. You know how nasty it can get over the course of the summer. If you are in the Dallas and Austin area, be sure to give The Steam Team a spot on your list of carpet cleaners.  They specialize in carpet cleaning, with an green option of all biodegradable materials that are safe for pets, kids and so on.  But don't forget about them if you don't have carpet.  They also have many ceramic tile cleaning tips on their site.

So, when you are making your plans for fall cleaning, don't forget to call The Steam Team.  

*This post was sponsored by The Steam Team.  http://www.thesteamteam.com/

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