November 19, 2011

Return Air Vent Cover

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Do you have a big, ugly return air vent handing out in your house?  Well, so did Tami at Curb Alert.  But, rather than spend hundreds on a custom cover, she used a bit of resourceful thinking and created her own: out of a doormat!  Get the details from Curb Alert.  

2 upcyclers said:

Dell said...

Talk about artistic ideas. Turning a return air vent cover into a doormat is very creative. You made me realize that parts of appliances can be used as home accessories.

Dell Ledermann

Naoki Dieter said...

That reinvention will look much better if it has a colorful shades and accents! What’s more, it’ll be more noticeable inside your house; it’s like showing off your creative idea in a flash! Hmm, I could try that and tell my friends to try, too! That’ll save us a lot of money while having a quality time together!

Naoki Dieter