December 9, 2011

Holiday Shopping Tips

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Is there a certain someone on your Christmas list dying for a new smartphone.  There is on my husband's list. *wink, wink*  Last week, he got the best helper ever.  I went to a T-Mobile Blogger event and got oodles of info about smartphones.

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Here is the first little nugget of information from T-Mobile for you:  Don't try to go it alone--talk to the experts!  Make sure that you chat with the associates at the store, to find the best device to fit your needs.  Ask lots of questions, and ask the right ones!

  • What does my plan cover?
  • What kind of speed will I be getting?
  • What's the exchange/return policy?
  • Is my home/work covered by your network?
  • What are your insurance/warranty policies?

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If your worried about finding the right data plan that will fit your need, T-Mobile has a handy little helper for you. Their Data Calculator will help you figure out how much data your really use.

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Are you looking for a phone for one of your kids? (That is just a scary, scary thought.) T-Mobile offers some great applications to keep your kids under control and safe.  The Drive Smart Plus silences incoming notifications, sends callers to voice mail and auto responds to texts.    The Family Where application can help you keep track of your children while they are all over the place with sports and lessons.  You can even schedule alerts as a reminder to check where your kids are.

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Don't let smart phone shopping be a daunting task.  Let T-Mobile help you find the right phone for you! And thanks again to hostess, Stephanie Hansen and T-Mobile for a great night!  


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