December 17, 2011

It's the most delicious time of the year. . .

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This post brought to you by Slim-Fast. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas is wonderful.  The lights, the music, the trees, the food. 

Ahhhh.  The food.  

The cookies and candy canes and hot chocolate and fudge and sweet rolls and cupcakes and toffee and M&Ms.  It is too good to pass up.  And so I don't. I eat it all.  And then New Year's rolls around and I am, well, a bit disappointed in my self control.  Because, apparently, it doesn't exist.  

Luckily, there is hope for my self control. It is called Slim-Fast.  I know. It doesn't sound like something you would love to eat, but have you tasted it lately? I just recently tried the Chocolate Royale shake, and honestly, it is good.  Slim Fast Chocolate Royale ShakeI am a huge hot chocolate kind of girl, and while, by definition, a shake is cold, these Slim-Fast shakes really quenches that need for chocolate in the morning.  

I tried the Slim-Fast plan a couple of years ago but I can tell you, it wasn't nearly as good back then.  I grimaced as it went down, so I was kind of hesitant to try it again. But I really was pleasantly surprised at not only how good it tasted, but how filling it was. And when you combine that with other Slim Fast products like their snack bars or meal bars and it makes weight loss just a little bit easier.  So once the holiday food is all gone, don't for get about Slim Fast! 

Slim Fast  is available at Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and Kroger stores, as well as online at Amazon and the Slim Fast 3-2-1 store on Facebook.  

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