February 27, 2012

IT Guy

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Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott
At the advice of our IT guy I went to t1.xo.com to see about whether or not I needed to up our tech. I own my own business and though it’s important to me to stay current and really well covered when it comes to technology I want to make sure I’ve got everything under control for the least amount of money possible. The last thing I’m trying to do is just bleed funds all the time and not be able to have any control over whether or not you're spending too much money. When you own your own business it's all about being the boss and making sure your eyes are on everything… It's really easy to lose a couple of hundred dollars here in a few thousand there, and that's what really does you in in the long run. I can't believe I'm already been running this business for three years now and that things are going so well but I guess we will have to wait and see if I'm technologically prepared for the future!

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