March 27, 2012


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Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

My younger brother thinks that everything he does and everything that he has is the absolute best. He is always trying to convert me to his ways and he will usually not stop until I give in. His newest topic is his cable provider. I mean, really, why does he care about which cable provider I use and how much it cost me? The thing is he really doesn't. He just likes to be right and to "show" me the right way to do things. He had me on showing me why his TV provider is the best. Last month he was convincing me that I needed to switch to AT&T and get an iPhone. Most of the time, I do agree with him that whatever he has or is doing is pretty awesome, but it bothers me how he thinks he is better than me! Like just because I am ten years older than him, I don't know what is cool and hip! I know that he just bought the new iPadand I can already hear him telling me why I just HAVE to get one!
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