March 29, 2012

Easy To Make a Difference

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This post brought to you by Pfister. All opinions are 100% mine.
One of the worst feelings in the world is when something in my house breaks.  You know, you realize the dryer isn't drying or the water isn't heating or you come down the stairs and step in a puddle.  It's that horrible sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize that this isn't going to be a quick and cheap fix.  The feeling that you get when you think about the money you've been trying to save up and how this repair is just going to drain it all.
Now imagine that you are in that situation, but you don't have a dime to you name.  Can you imagine how much more horrible that feeling would be?  That is where Pfister and Rebuilding Together come in.  Rebuilding Together is a national non profit organization that provides necessary home repairs and helps to rebuild the homes of some of the nation's most deserving families.  They have collectively worked on over 100,000 homes in the country with the help of 3.4 million volunteers.
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And they are offering you an easy way to help out.  For every "Like" on the Pfister Facebook page, Pfister will donate $1.00 in materials to Rebuilding Together.  How simple is that?  While sitting on your computer, you can click one button and make a difference in someone else's life.  The Friends of Pfister campaign site offers more information on the campaign and on the work that Pfister does on a regular basis.  Team up with Pfister to make a difference!
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