May 25, 2012

I wish we all could be California Girls. . .

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This post brought to you by Newport Beach. All opinions are 100% mine.

i consider us lucky.  We have family in California.  So, even though we live about a thousand miles away from the nearest beach, we see the ocean at least once a year.  Sometimes for Christmas, mostly over the summer though, we take off for a week to Southern California to spend a week with family.  And doing things that you simply cannot do in Utah.  One of the most beautiful spots that we visit is Newport Beach

Newport Beach is one of those places that seems right out of a movie. You drive down the main drag, and both sides are lined with quaint beach shops, tourist stops, and other treasures right out of a shoppers dream. Walking down the sidewalks in front of those shops are people halfway out of wetsuits, toting a surf board,  girls in swim covers and sandals on their way to the beach, and families carrying ice cream cones.  

If you're thinking about getting away this summer, take Newport Beach into consideration.  Check out their website, full of ideas of all the great things to do there. It has a great feature, listing by category, what to see, where to go, where to eat.  If you are an art lover, you could stop by the Orange County Museum of Art,  or if you are a movie lover, find a scene right out of your favorite movie.

The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach Hotel has a great promotion going on right now that just might tempt you to making the trip.  Get one room at full price, recieve a connecting room for kids 18 and under at 50% off.  The Hyatt Regency boasts 26 acres of pools, shuffle board, ping pong, and golf. When you make your reservations, just mention the Family Plan!

There is something for everyone, including a children's museum as well as Kid's Camps. If you were heading to Sunny California, what would you do? 

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