May 3, 2012

Movie Night Anyone?

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It has already been established that I am a dork, right?  Right?  Because I'm about to further incriminate myself.

I got to see The Avengers this week.  Oh, my, I loved it.  It started with X-Men.  And then Spiderman.  And I was hooked. I think I have seen all of the comic book movies that have been made ever since.  My husband whole-heartedly supports this obsession of mine.  Although, I don't know if he will be so supportive of this one:
The Avengers

Hmmm.  What? Huh?  Focus.  And go. So the movie's really good.  Especially if you love comic book movies.  I love seeing all of the characters interact.  I loved the way they dealt with each other, with massive egos in tow.  
marvel's the avengers
It is, obviously, an action movie, so I wouldn't recommend bringing the little kids.  There is plenty of mindless death.  That shouldn't be a shocker.  But, there is also plenty of humor and bantering, which I love.  
Shield The Avengers
The Avengers hits theaters on Friday May 4 and I totally, highly and fully recommend it.  I'm also thinking about starting a petition for a Hawk movie.  What do you think?


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