August 27, 2012

Creativity for Kids

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I decided that I like throwing parties for my kids.  Well, party might be too generous a word, but play date seems a little too extravagant.  I especially like to celebrate summer. A few years ago I threw an end of the year water party, last year I tried to throw a back to school party, but had to cancel due to the broken AC and the 100 degree weather.  This year, I had every intention of making that back to school party happen.  So, when I got the email that I would be given the opportunity to throw a Creativity for Kids party, the timing couldn't have been better!  

We sent out invites for all of our neighborhood friends to gather at our neighborhood pavilion and they had a chance to make necklaces, bracelets, headbands and tie-dye their own bandanas.  I should have taken a picture of the production that was tie-dying with 15 kids 9 and under, but my hands were blue!  The kids loved it though.  What kid wouldn't love spray painting their own bandanas?  

The crafts were easy to put together and there were so many great options so that everyone's personal taste could be reflected in their designs.  Let's be honest, though, the sparkly options were the most popular!  

The kits were fantastic, because they weren't just full of ribbon and stickers, they had the necessary supplies like glue, tape and scissors as well.  The Creativity for Kids from Faber Castel kits would make great gifts, and you wouldn't have to worry about the recipient already owning the right kind of glue or tape, or spend extra money to provide them with it.  
Every guest received a tote bag for all of their projects and a coloring book.  My girls have spent more time in the last week coloring these books than any other coloring books in the history of my house.  Honestly, it's amazing to me that they haven't gotten bored with them yet.  Coloring books are usually exciting for exactly one day around here!  
If you get the chance, check out Creativity for Kids on Facebook.  This would make a fantastic little girls birthday party. So, if you're interested in encouraging the creative gene at your house check out Creativity for Kids

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