August 7, 2012

Milk Carton Watering Can

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If you have a flower garden, plants in your home or pots in your yard, you have to check out this brilliantly simple idea from A Journey to Dream. Rather than go out and buy a watering can that the kids are going to find and then ruin by filling it with sand and therefore clogging all the holes, just poke holes in the lid of a milk carton and voile!  Perfect watering can with no leaks. And hey, if the kids do get ahold of it, all you have to do is finish another gallon of milk, rather than shell out 5 more bucks!  Details over at A Journey to Dream

1 upcyclers said:

Shannon said...

Great idea for a watering can! What a great blog! With all your frugal ideas, there's very little need to buy anything new! Thanks for stopping by my blog and wanting to feature my Skirt to Shirt Refashion. I really appreciate it! :)