August 8, 2012

TP Bug Scoop

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The way I see it, this bug scooper is great for a bunch of reasons.  If you are like me and refuse to clean up dead spiders for irrational, illogical fears and there is no way you are going to use a paper towel to pick it up this might help.  Just scoop whatever it is up and throw it directly in the toilet.  That is the main purpose that Crafty Journal gives this great idea.  The 2nd use that I think is fantastic, is for little kids who like catching live bugs.  They might just have a chance catching whatever it is with this simple scoop!  Get the details from Crafty Journal.  

1 upcyclers said:

Noreen said...

Thank you so much for featuring my bug scoop! It's such a nicer way to dispose of creepy crawlies.