September 3, 2012

14 Ways to Use Every Bit of Your Jeans

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Everyone has them: that pile of holey jeans sitting around waiting for a new life.  But it always seems like I have to throw something away, like I can't quite find a use for everything. Well, today, that changed.  This round up of denim projects should give you a way to use up each and every little bit of those otherwise useless jeans.   

recycling jeans
Lunch Tote from I Gotta Create

recycle old jeans
Sunglasses Clutch from Instructables

reusing old jeans
Denim Cuff Bracelet from Angel Stitch Embroidery

reuse jeans
Denim Floor Mat from Instructables

recycling jeans
Jean Apron from Closet Crafter

reusing clothes
Pocket Purse from Suburban Prairie Home

how to reuse jeans
Denim Flower from Inspired by Felicity

reuse jeans
Jeans Tote from Between the Lines

reuse jeans

recycling jeans
Jean Heavy Lining from Artfully Caroline

reuse jeans
Mom and Me Bermudas from Naptime Crafters

reusing clothing
Denim Backdrop from Helping Little Hands

recycling jeans
Hair accessory organizer from Creating my Way to Success

reuse denim
Denim burp cloth from Liberty Original

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