November 5, 2012

Christmas Spirit a Little Early

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It's not Christmastime yet. I know. But I love doing everything that I can doing November to make December as easy as possible.  That includes finding things to help my kids truly appreciate more than just the presents and the lights.  I was invited to a screening of a new movie, The Christmas Oranges, which I think is perfect to do just that.

You might be familiar with the book of the same name that has been floating around for the past few years.  The story of the movie is the same, just a little bit more developed. A little girl, living in a dreary orphanage at the beginning of the century.  It's a great reminder to our spoiled 21st century kids who have everything that they could ever want to watch a little girl with only one change of clothing and no presents, except for one special orange.

If you want to get the Christmas spirit going early, you can catch the movie in Salt Lake Valley theaters this week only, and beginning Monday Nov. 13 you can purchase it in stores and on Amazon.  

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