January 20, 2013

Soda Can Earrings

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I love these darling butterfly earrings from HubPages.  If you are into jewelry making and hate the price of supplies, all these beauties need are a few rings, a soda can and a strong paper punch.  Make tons of these for almost free!  Get the details from HubPages


2 upcyclers said:

Jean Raizel Gonzales said...

Strong paper punch. Why didn't I think of that? I was imagining how you were able to cut the tiny edges of your butterflies..
I wanna try and make one, but we have no soda cans at home because we've been cutting down on aspartame. Well, I better just recycle others' cans.

- Jean Raizel

Chelsea Millian said...

Aspartame isn't all that bad if you would moderate your intake. But good move on recycling others' cans. I would gladly give you ours, then you could make me a pair of those butterfly earrings too!

Cheers! - Chelsea Alexia